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  • Eastern Iowa Community Survey Results

    Earlier this year, Diversity Focus conducted the 2015 Eastern Iowa Community Survey to gauge the community’s perceptions of diversity and inclusion, as well as its experiences in respect to those areas.
  • Check Your Genes

    Educating the public and health care professionals on the need for a formal genetic risk assessment and testing if an individual has a family history of breast or ovarian cancer.
  • Foundation Fighting Blindness

    Driving the research that will provide prevention, treatments and cures for people affected by the entire spectrum of retinal degenerative diseases.
  • Blessings for Brody

    Mom's video of her son goes viral. Now she's trying to help children with a rare disorder.
  • Lindner Center of HOPE

    A center focused on patient-centered, scientifically-advanced care for individuals suffering with mental illness.
  • American Heart Association

    Tips for spotting warning signs of heart attack, stroke, and cardiac arrest, as well as ways to prevent the problems.
  • Martha Stewart's American Made

    Celebrating the maker and supporting creativity by shopping the market.
  • Grateful Grahams

    A company spreading the message of gratitude, through quality vegan graham crackers.
  • Ovarian Cancer Research Fund

    Ovarian Cancer Research Fund (OCRF) awards grants to researchers working to better understand, identify, treat, and ultimately cure ovarian cancer.
  • Friends Of Noelridge

    Events coming up at Noelridge Park in Cedar Rapids.
  • Safe Sleep Video

    Learn why it's safest for baby to follow the ABCs of safe sleep -- Alone. Back. Crib. Every baby, every sleep!
  • Using Silk Fibers To Regenerate Salivary Glands

    Tissue engineering could help millions in the U.S. with dry mouth due to Sjögren’s syndrome, and radiation for head and neck cancer.
  • American Behcet's Disease Association

    We support, educate and empower the Behcet's community, while continuously advocating for better research, diagnostics, treatment and a cure.
  • The Ellie Project

    The Ellie Project is more than just an alphabet book, it’s a book that teaches character lessons to children through the final love letters of a dying father to his little girl.

    American Academy of Pediatrics. Powered by pediatricians.
  • Walk to End Alzheimer's

    Walks are planned throughout the year across Iowa. Find one near you!
  • Outdoor Functional Fitness

    Thinking outside the gym for your workout.
  • Baby Axl's Armada

    Dedicated to Axl Cox. Born April 11, 2015 with severe congenital heart defects and a disorder called Heterotaxy Syndrome.
  • Expanding Computer Science In Schools

    A non-profit dedicated to expanding participation in computer science by making it available in more schools, and increasing participation by women and underrepresented students of color.
  • Right Life Project

    Helping and inspiring people to learn, grow, and take action in the ways necessary to achieve and maintain the most fulfilling lives possible.

    Height-adjustable standing desks, for your health.
  • Donate to Rachel Howland

    The five-year-old girl was diagnosed with Neuroblastoma, but she's not letting that keep her down.
  • Surfset Fitness

    Getting fit through surfing at the gym.
  • Sexual Assault Awareness

    Best practices for engaging youth as partners in sexual violence prevention.
  • Not Alone, Together Against Sexual Assault

    Information for students, schools, and anyone interested in finding resources on how to respond to and prevent sexual assault.
  • Children's Car Seat Study

    The latest research on toxic chemicals in children’s car seats, from the nonprofit Ecology Center.
  • American Heart Association

    Recommendations for keeping a healthy heart.

  • Anxiety and Depression Association of America

    Resources to help college students deal with stress and anxiety.
  • Emergency App

    App helps first responders find vital information all in one, easy-to-access place.
  • National Diaper Bank Network

    Raising awareness of diaper need, strengthening community-based diaper banks, and generating donations of dollars and diapers.
  • Lily's Journey With Linear Nevus Sebaceous Syndrome

    Lily was born with a rare syndrome that causes large lesions on her face, head, and neck. But a Hollywood-like mask is helping doctors help the little girl.

  • The Care And Keeping Of You

    A book to help teach your daughter about puberty.
  • Test Yourself For Synesthesia

    Take this quick quiz to see if you might have synesthesia.
  • The Synesthesia Battery

    A battery of tests for researchers and synesthetes to use as they try to make scientific progress.
  • Operation Overnight Applications

    Geonetric will redesign websites for five local non-profit groups for free.
  • American Parkinson Disease Association

    Resources for Parkinson's patients, family, and friends.
  • Eastern Iowa Community Survey

    FOX 28 News and Diversity Focus are partnering for a survey on diversity in Eastern Iowa.

  • 4 Paws For Leah

    Raising funds to get a seizure alert service dog for 4-year-old Leah Conrad.
  • The Anarchist Soccer Mom

    Liza Long, aka the Anarchist Soccer Mom, is a writer, educator, mental health advocate, and mother of four children.
  • Mental Illness Resources

    Lindner Center of Hope aims to offer hope to people living with mental illness.
  • A Mom's Perspective On Mental Illness

    The Price Of Silence: A Mom's Perspective On Mental Illness, by Liza Long.
  • Study: No Link Between Vaccine & Autism

    New research shows no link between the measles-mumps-rubella vaccine and autism spectrum disorders.
  • CR Appeal Of Traffic DOT Cam Decision

    Documents relevant to Cedar Rapids' appeal of the March 2015 DOT decision to remove and relocate traffic cameras.
  • UI Marrow Donor Program

    Find out how you can save a life by being a bone marrow donor.
  • MidAmerican Energy: Plant Some Shade

    Customers can get trees for the discounted price of $30 (normally $65)
  • Woman Writes Own Obituary

    Emily DeBrayda Fisher Phillips wrote her own obituary, and now it's going viral.
  • Todd Little Memorial Fund

    Donate to a fund set up to help replace a memorial for Todd Little, after it was damaged by vandals.
  • Funding ALS Trials

    The Mayfield Education & Research Foundation supports groundbreaking advancements in the field of neuroscience.
  • National Walking Day

    Wednesday, April 1, 2015 is the American Heart Association's National Walking Day.
  • Sara Volesky Breast Cancer Fund

    Donate to help Sara Volesky with finances as she recovers from a double mastectomy.
  • Thyroid Test

    The Thyroflex offers a pain-free and cost-effective way of measuring the thyroid function.
  • Retirement Planning Calculator

    Figure out if you're saving enough money for retirement.

  • Metropolitan Planning Organization

    Give your input on proposed bike trails and extensions in the Cedar Rapids metro area.
  • Diabetes Risk Test

    Take this quick, online test to find out if you're at risk of developing type 2 diabetes.
  • 600 Acts Of Kindness

    Follow Alex as she goes for even more acts of kindness.
  • UI Motorcycle Raffle

    Enter to win an Iowa-made Victory motorcycle, with proceeds going to the University of Iowa's scholarship fund.
  • Teenager Stress

    UCLA survey of first-time, full-time entering college freshmen
  • UT Health Science Center

    Cancer Therapy & Research Center at The University Of Texas Health Science Center
  • NCAA Tournament Tickets

    Buy tickets from the NCAA to see UI, ISU, UNI in action in the "Big Dance."

    Vote for ISU men's basketball coach Fred Hoiberg in the Infiniti Coaches' Charity Challenge.
  • Kidney Stone Information

    Causes, symptoms, treatment, and more resources on kidney stones.
  • Heart-Healthy Diet

    A healthy diet and lifestyle are your best weapons in the fight against heart disease.
  • Society for Assisted Reproductive Technology

    Check In Vitro Fertilization success rates at clinics across the U.S.
  • The Angel Gown Program

    Turning donated wedding gowns into burial gowns for babies who died.
  • Fighting for Emma Redlinger

    The teen is in the hospital after another teen accidentally shot her in the head.
  • Iowa DOT Road Conditions

    Check out the latest road conditions from the Iowa Department of Transportation.
  • Donate To St. Jude Children's Hospital

    You can give to St. Jude Children's Hospital online at any time.
  • Smart Home Systems For Seniors

    Using technology to help seniors live independently, in their own home.
  • Iowa Schools Immunization Audit

    An Iowa Department of Public Health report shows more than 90% of students have been vaccinated at the majority of public schools across the state. Check the full list of schools here.
  • Heart Attack Risk Guide

    The American Heart Association lists heart attack symptoms, and tips to reduce your risk.
  • UI President Search Input

    Online form to submit your comments on the University of Iowa's search for a new president.
  • Letter Writing Tips

    Letter writing tips on Pinterest

  • Stationery On Pinterest

    Stylish stationery ideas.

  • Do Not Sass Talk Your Mother

    The blog post that inspired Family 411: Letters From Mom.
  • Gluten-Free Recipes

    Gluten-free recipes for every meal, and more.
  • Cedar Rapids Dance Marathon

    Students from Coe College, Kirkwood Community College, and Mount Mercy University will join together to dance 12 hours straight, "For The Kids."

  • American Heart Association-National Wear Red Day

  • Family 411: Parent-Approved Apps

    This website has free apps for kids that are reviewed and approved by other parents.
  • Recipes To Brighten Your Winter

    Eating more dairy is a good way to get your vitamin D during the winter, when you might not be getting as much from the sun.
  • Created in the Corridor: Marion Mixers

    Marion Mixers is the brand of choice for horizontal mixing and blending, batch and continuous process equipment. This globally-esteemed company is recognized as the innovation leader in custom-designed mixing applications.

    In industries including food, dairy, plastic, mineral, aggregate, biosolids, energy, and many more, Marion Mixers is unsurpassed in quality, customer-support and machine durability.

    You can learn more by following the above link to Marion Mixers' website.

  • Created in the Corridor: Corridor Business Journal

    The Corridor Business Journal (CBJ) is published weekly by Corridor Media Group, Inc., based in Coralville, Iowa.  The CBJ also reaches readers in the seven county economic development region via daily email blasts and more than a dozen community events throughout the year. A digital version of the CBJ is scheduled to be launched in 2015. You can learn more by following the above link to the CBJ website.
  • Created in the Corridor: Vinveli

    Vinveli is startup company positioning itself for the advent of commercial drone use in the United States. The Iowa Startup Accelerator in Cedar Rapids is helping this firm achieve success in many ways. Vinveli will pitch its value proposition to hundreds of people at the Accelerator's Launch event on November 6.  To learn more about Vinveli, follow the above link to the company's website. The embedded links will give you more information about the Iowa Startup Accelerator and the November 6 event.
  • Created in the Corridor: VuSee

    The VuSee is a unique baby monitor shelf designed to be mounted in a wall corner. That allows the monitor to be placed out of the reach of your child. No cords or flashing lights on or near the crib - keeping your little one safe. You can learn more about the VuSee and purchase the product by following the above link to the company's website. You can also visit the VuSee Facebook page here:
  • New National Campaign Against Campus Sexual Assaults

    The White House says one in five women will experience a sexual assault while on campus at America's colleges and universities. To help combat the problem, the Obama Administration has launched a new campaign to raise awareness and bring those numbers down. Part of "It's on Us" features new commercials using celebrities to encourage people to log-on and take a prevention pledge.  You can find that pledge and the celebrity videos by clicking the link above. 
  • 26 Billion Pixel Cy-Hawk Photo

    Find and tag yourself in this picture from the Cy-Hawk matchup at Kinnick Stadium.
  • Cedar Rapids Restaurant Week

    Cedar Rapids Restaurant Week runs Sept. 18 - 27.
  • Created in the Corridor: Ellison Eyewear

    Ellison Eyewear is a new company conceived in Iowa City by a former University of Iowa student.  The company offers quality, high-end sunglasses distributed in the Corridor through Discerning Eye on E. Washington Street in Iowa City. You can also shop and learn more about Ellison by following the above link to the company's website.
  • EnvisionCR Website

    The City of Cedar Rapids has set up a website that provides in formation on all the information and planning gathered as part of their EnvisionCR initiative.
  • Created in the Corridor: Sherry Hill/Under His Grace

    Sometimes in our lives we face challenges and struggles that seem to overwhelm us and lead us down a path that is scary and unhealthy. This happened to Anamosa resident, Sherry Hill, who turned to drugs as part of her daily existence.  "Under His Grace" chronicles Hill's struggle with addiction and how God led her to a new life. You can order her book from by following the above link. You also can order it directly from the publisher at
  • Created in the Corridor: Crystal Group, Inc.

    Crystal Group's rugged military and industrial-grade computers can be found all over the world wherever durability and innovative technology is a must. Follow the above link to the Hiawatha company's website to learn more.
  • Geonetric Open House Tours - Register Here

    Geonetric, a Cedar Rapids-based software company in the health care field, is hosting an open house on Friday, August 8 to allow the public to tour its new facility in the city's NewBo District.  The state-of-the-art building also houses the new Iowa Startup Accelerator, Vault Coworking and Converge Consulting. The tours will run from 3:30-5:00 and you must register at the above link.
  • CR Redevelopment Proposals

    Cedar Rapids is now accepting redevelopment proposals for the Knutson Building, among other properties.
  • Created in the Corridor: 85 Decibel Monks

    Timothy Tack is the force behind Tack-Fu Productions and 85 Decibel Monks, based in Iowa City. You can listen to and download their instrumental hip-hop music and learn more about this creative team by following the above link to their website.
  • Created in the Corridor: Security Coverage/Steve Gray

    Security Coverage is a white label software and service provider to internet, broadband and MSO providers throughout the country. You can read more about the Cedar Rapids company's products by following the above link to Security Coverage's website.

    Steve Gray, Chief Executive Officer, first invested in Security Coverage nearly ten years ago. He also has invested in several other Corridor companies and you can read more about Gray's business background here:
  • EntreFest 2014

    Find out more about EntreFest 2014, in downtown Iowa City.
  • Medical Marijuana: Stories of Hope (Part 2)

    The above link will take you a listing of all the states that have legalized medical marijuana. You can find each state's laws, rules, requirements and medical conditions for which patients can obtain medical marijuana.  You will also find additional resources on the site including the list of states with pending legislation.

    Here are some additional links that can answer a number of questions:

    Why is marijuana a Schedule 1 Drug?

    Why is marijuanaillegal?
  • Face of Cannabis

    The "Face of Cannabis" project aims to raise awareness and facilitate change amid use of medical marijuana oil.
  • Created in the Corridor: Bimm Ridder Sportswear

    Bimm Ridder Sportswear of Cedar Rapids produces fan apparel for major and minor league baseball, arena football, hockey and basketball teams throughout the United States and Canada. They also provide merchandise for Iowa's three public universities and Drake.  You can learn more by following the above link to the company's website.
  • Created in the Corridor: Rapids Reproductions

    Simply put, Rapids Reproductions does everything from blueprints to fine art to 3D printing. You can learn more about their products and services by following the above link to the company's website.

    In addition, the company owns and operates where you can upload photos and see them matted and framed online before you even order them. The art prints are museum quality with a 200 year permanence under glass.
  • Help Out TotalChild

    TotalChild is Four Oaks' program meant to help children and families, making stronger families, homes, neighborhoods, and communities.
  • Olivia Evans, Lyme Disease

    To learn more about Olivia Evans, the teenager whose story was shared on the 4/18/14 CBS2 News at 5, see the resources below:
    Facebook page:

    Family blog:

    Fund Raiser:

  • Created in the Corridor: TaxACT

    TaxACT was founded in Cedar Rapids and has assisted with more than 45 million e-filed Federal returns.  Want to learn more about TaxACT's free and deluxe services? Follow the above link to the company's website.
  • Historically Black College and University Tour

    To learn more about the Historically Black College and University Tour, email George Ramsey at

  • Created in the Corridor: Jim's Instrument Manufacturing

    Jim's Instrument Manufacturing in Iowa City has been designing and producing highly precise, machined components for medical and industrial purposes for more than forty years.  You can learn more by following the above link to the company's website.

    In addition, founder and owner Jim Rogers recently opened Plexicraft, LLC, a new business that provides custom engraving, etching and full-color sublimation for personal and promotional purposes. For more information click here:
  • I Too Am Iowa

    Ashley Lee, the woman behind, "I Too Am Iowa," is planning to take more pictures at the IMU River Room from 2:00 p.m. to 6:00 p.m. on March 25th. The event is open to anyone of color who would like to share their message.
  • SXSW Cares Fund

    The SXSW Cares Fund will help people affected by the tragic events of March 13, 2014 and future possible events. The funds will be disbursed to those most affected through a community-based process to be created by representatives of SXSW, the Austin Convention and Visitors Bureau and the City of Austin with the Austin Community Foundation.
  • Iowa City Community School District

    The Iowa City Community School District is conducting a community engagement process to gain input related to school attendance areas. This is a multi-year process that will include various opportunities for community input. The District is committed to having the school community involved in Attendance Area Development, and information regarding the process can be found on this page.
  • Created in the Corridor: Hotel at Kirkwood Center

    The Hotel at Kirwood Center in Cedar Rapids is one of only three AAA Four Diamond Hotels in Iowa and the newest teaching hotel in the Western Hemisphere. It's also rated #1 in the market by Trip Advisor. To learn more about the facility and its Class Act Restaurant follow the above link to the hotel's website. In addition, if you'd like to learn more about Kirkwood Community College's Hospitality Arts Programs, click here:
  • Iowa City Streets & Traffic Engineering

    Potholes in Need of Repair319-356-5181 (call 356-5275 after hours or weekends)
  • Plum Organics Baby Food

    Voluntary Recall
  • Created in the Corridor: J-TEC Associates

    J-TEC Associates produces flow meters for internal combustion engine air-intake, exhaust and crankcase blow-by flow measurement. Customers include Caterpillar, Ford Motor Company, Mercedes Benz, BMW, NASCAR and the U.S. Military. The above link will take you to the company's website.
  • PFLAG Contact Information

    PFLAG Cedar Rapids is the local chapter of  PFLAG National, a group that promotes awareness and understanding for the LGBTQ community.


    Meeting Information:

    PFLAG meets on the 2nd Thurs of the month at7pm at Grantwood AEA, all are welcome.

  • Eastern Iowa Airport

    Check flight status
  • Iowa Department of Transportation

    Snow Plow Tracker
  • Created in the Corridor: Startup Weekend Cedar Rapids

    If you have an idea for a business but don't know how to get started, Startup Weekend Cedar Rapids provides a great opportunity to test your idea while building a network of like-minded people. The event will be held February 28 - March 2. Click the above link to learn more, register and get started!
  • Created in the Corridor: Frontier Natural Products Co-op

    Frontier Natural Products Co-op produces and distributes hundreds of 100% natural and organic food and personal care products under three different brands: Frontier, Simply Organic and Aura Cacia. You can shop and learn more about this company Created in the Corridor by following the above link to its various websites.
  • Senator Charles Grassley Request

    Presses for Transparency on President's Executive Orders
  • Travel Iowa

    Information about lodging, dining and attractions in Iowa.
  • Waypoint Services for Women, Children & Families

    Waypoint helps individuals in Cedar Rapids, Iowa who are homeless, in poverty, victims of domestic violence or sexual assault, or in need of child care.
  • Created in the Corridor: Small Town Non-Profits

    Non-profit organizations can be vital partners in economic development, especially in small Iowa communities where local governments have limited resources. Three good examples can be found in the heart of Cedar County. Follow the above link to the non-profit group working to restore the historic Hardacre Theatre in Tipton. The other two links below will take you to the Facebook pages of the Spear House and Barn Bed & Breakfast and the new Heartland Sports Complex, also in Tipton.

    Heartland Sports Complex:

    Spear House and Barn Bed & Breakfast:
  • Created in the Corridor: ClusterFlunk

    A new social media site with an ironic name, ClusterFlunk helps college students improve their learning efficiency by allowing them to easily connect with other students in the classes in which they are enrolled. Just follow the above link to ClusterFlunk's website. It's free!
  • Created in the Corridor: We Create Here

    There are several initiatives, organizations and individuals who are collectively working to make Iowa's Creative Corridor a vibrant region to live, work and play. It's all about making new things happen. In addition to the above link, here are just a few more available resources to help you join the conversation and share your creative ideas:
  • Cedar Rapids Police Dept. Hiring

    The Cedar Rapids Police Department is now hiring new full-time officers.
  • Created in the Corridor: Centro, Inc.

    North Liberty-based Centro, Incorporated is the largest custom rotational molding company in North America...and it's about to become even bigger. To learn what sets Centro apart, follow the above link to the company's website.
  • Shelter House

    How you can help
  • Winter Safety

    Driving tips and survival kit information.
  • Project Holiday Volunteers Needed

    The Project Holiday food distribution is an enormous undertaking. Greet clients, distribute and bag food items, help families to their cars . . . even direct traffic in our parking lot!

    Grab your family, co-workers, and friends to volunteer with you or sign-up for a shift and meet new people. Children volunteering must be in 7th grade or above and we require one adult per two children.

  • Created in the Corridor: Cedar Graphics

    Hassan Igram has been the owner and operator of Cedar Graphics in Hiawatha since the 1980s. His father actually launched the company in Cedar Rapids under a different name in 1955. The above link will take you to the company's website where you can learn about all the products and services they offer to companies and individuals across the country.
  • Created in the Corridor: Mobile Demand

    Mobile Demand is a growing Hiawatha company that's showing success in securing more of the rugged tablet PC market in the U.S. and abroad. Follow the above link to the company's website.
  • Created in the Corridor: Music Loft/Craig Erickson

    Craig Erickson not only runs the independent Music Loft in Cedar Rapids, he's an international guitarist, singer, songwriter, producer, performer and teacher. To learn more follow the above link to Craig's website.
  • Four Oaks PUSH-CR

    Partners United for Supportive Housing-Cedar Rapids (PUSH-CR) are currently working to furnish apartments for the homeless. Household items are being collected to help more than 125 families. The first drop-off date is Saturday, November 16. Individuals or companies wishing to contribute items to PUSH-CR may do so by following the link for a list of needed items and drop off times/locations.
  • Created in the Corridor: Blendcard

    Blendcard is a new gift, loyalty and incentive card that consumers can use at a wide array of retailers in the Corridor. It's also a great marketing tool for small business owners. To order or register your Blendcard follow the above link to the company's website. You can also find them on Facebook, and Twitter,
  • Helping Typhoon Haiyan Victims

    Organizations where residents can donate to help typhoon victims in the Philippines.

  • Surprising Foods with Trans Fat

    I thought it would be fun to bring to your attention some of the most surprising foods that, despite what their labels say, actually do contain some amount of trans fat per serving. Here now are 10 of those foods...
  • Car Booster Seat Reviews

    The Insurance Institute for Highway Safety tests 31 of this year's booster seat models.
  • Created in the Corridor: Tanager Place Research Center

    Tanager Place takes mental health research to a new level thanks to a generous gift from a longtime advocate. To learn more follow the above link.
  • Fox News Poll Shows Disapproval Of Congress

    See why voters are unhappy with congress over the Obamacare standoff.

  • Iowa Women's Leadership Event: Giada Delaurentiis

    Lunch with Food Network chef and entrepreneur Giada Delaurentiis. 11:30am on November 11th at Kirkwood Hotel.

  • Created in the Corridor: Trade Show Marketing

    Trade Show Marketing does exactly what its name implies; help companies put their best foot forward at trade shows. Whether you're looking for a simple banner or a large island display, Trade Show Marketing can help. Visit their website by clicking on the link above.
  • Iowa Sex Offender Registry

    Find out where registered sex offenders are living in your area.
  • Created in the Corridor: Creative Week

    Creative Week is an initiative in Iowa's Creative Corridor to explore, promote and celebrate all that we create here; ideas, jobs, art, theater, businesses and so much more. To learn about the Creative Corridor Project and Creative Week click the above link.
  • Quitline Iowa

    Iowa's free nicotine replacement program.
  • Created in the Corridor: O'Brien's Own Gourmet Granola

    Rick O'Brien grew up in Center Point and after 20 years in the military returned home and started a business with his wife, Belinda. O'Brien's Own Gourmet Granola is growing so fast that Rick recently resigned from Rockwell Collins to devote all his attention to the family company. Follow the above link to their website where you can learn more and even order their products!
  • Created in the Corridor: North Cedar Recycling / Cedar Poly

    North Cedar Recycling processes waste from all over the Midwest with 80% coming from industrial sources. Learn more by following the above link to the company's website.

    The same family founded Cedar Poly in Tipton, a company that recycles plastics.
    Cedar Poly's website is
  • Contacting Congress

    Click here to find contact information for your local representative.
  • Dehumidifiers Recalled for Fire Risk

    Get the specific brands and models being recalled for fire risk.
  • Created in the Corridor: Simply Soothing / Bug Soother

    Bug Soother is an all-natural insect repellant created in Columbus Junction, Iowa. It continues to grow in popularity and is being sold in all 50 states. You can learn more about Bug Soother and Simply Soothing's other products by following the above link to the company's website.
  • Linn County School District Voting Information

    To learn more about the various mill levy and candidates in several upcoming Linn County school districts, just click the link. The election is September 10th.

  • Johnson County School District Voting Information

    To learn more about the various mill levy and candidates in several upcoming Johnson County school districts, just click the link. The election is September 10th.

  • HACAP Food Pantry and Support Information

    If you would like to know more about the Hawkeye Area Community Action Program's assistance programs, click the link.

  • Created in the Corridor: Backrow Studios

    Backrow Studios is an Iowa City-based company that has produced three feature length films in its brief three year history. Writer and director Joe Clarke like to focus on comedies and his latest movie, "The Formula" stars local actors, a few from the 2nd City Improv Group in Chicago and three Hollywood names. You can learn more about Backrow Studios and purchase DVDs of their films by following the above link to Backrow's website.
  • 2012 Crop Insurance Payout Information

    Iowa ranked 2nd in the nation in 2012 for the amount of money paid out in crop insurance, much of it related to last summer's drought. See how the payments broke down in each of Iowa's counties by clicking this new resource.

  • Johnson County Jail Commentary

    Tell Johnson County supervisors what you would vote for, in the next Johnson County Jail.
  • Becoming An Outdoors Woman

    To learn more about the Becoming an Outdoors Woman camp, "BOW" click here.
  • Running for Iowa City City Council

    Iowa City is now accepting candidate paperwork for anyone wanting to run for an open seat on the city council. Papers are due by August 29th
  • Created in the Corridor: Higher Learning Technologies

    Higher Learning Technologies was formed by three University of Iowa students who are creating study guides and test-prep applications in the health sciences. Learn more about the Coralville company by following the above link to its website.
  • Welfare Payment Study

    See how some people on welfare are making more than those who are punching the time clock.
  • Inspire Downtown Iowa City

    People in Iowa City can give their opinion on anything in the city, and leaders will see it.
  • Recycle More Linn County

    Recycle More Linn County is a collaborative effort between City Carton Recycling, the Cedar Rapids/Linn County Solid Waste Agency and the City of Cedar Rapids, to increase recycling in Linn County.

  • 21 Makes Sense Campaign

    Iowa City leaders could send the 21 Ordinance, which bans anyone under 21 years old at bars after 10:00pm, back to voters in November.  21 Makes Sense is a group of city and University members who are working to keep the rule in place.
  • Johnson Co. Jail/Courthouse Public Input

    The Johnson County Board of Supervisors will hold seven public input meetings on how to deal with the need for more space at the County Jail and County Courthouse. You can also give your input online.

  • Created in the Corridor: Infinity Contact

    Infinity Contact is a Corridor company that finds success in a unique way. It tells its clients a lot about their own customers. Learn more about this growing Cedar Rapids sales and marketing firm by following the above link to Infinity Contact's website.

    Click here for the latest information on Amber Alerts issued in the State of Iowa
  • Created in the Corridor: Clickstop

    Clickstop is an internet retailer that sells thousands of products under several different brands. The Corridor Business Journal has recognized Clickstop as one of the fastest growing companies in the Corridor five years running. And Clickstop's own employees call it the Corridor's Coolest Place to work. Learn more by following the above link to Clickstop's website.
  • Renew Iowa Driver's License Online

    You can now renew your Iowa drivers licenses online.

    To use it, you must be between 18 and 70-years-old, a US citizens and your license can't be expired for more than a year.       

    You can use it only for every *other renewal because you will eventually need to update your photo.
  • Created in the Corridor: Kinseth Hospitality Companies

    You many not recognize the name but chances are you've slept in one of their beds! Kinseth Hospitality Companies build, own, manage and provide services to more than 80 hotels in 13 states. It's the largest hotel company in Iowa and it's located in North Liberty. You can learn more about KHC by following the above link to the company's website.
  • Created in the Corridor: Circle Computer Resources

    Circle Computer Resources in Cedar Rapids provides IT, internet and wireless internet, broadband and other technology solutions to businesses across the country. Learn more by following the above link to CCR's website.
  • National Weather Service River Levels

  • The National Center for Missing & Exploited Children

  • 50 Worst Charities in the U.S.

    Report from the Tampa Bay Times and the Center for Investigative Reporting on America's worst charities.
  • Duane Arnold Energy Center Emergency Plan

    For information on the Duane Arnold Energy Center "Emergency Action Plan", including how notifications are sent, where evacuation routes are located or how to contact emergency management agency information - simply click the link.
  • Created in the Corridor: Cedar Ridge Winery/Distillery

    After just 12 years in business, Cedar Ridge Winery and Distillery in Swisher already produces 52 different products. And it's about to release one more. Following on the heels of its popular Cedar Ridge Bourbon Whiskey, Cedar Ridge will soon release Iowa's first Single Malt.  To learn more about this growing Corridor Company click on the above link.
  • Iowa Flood Information System

    Find out which creeks, lakes, or rivers in Iowa are being reported as flooding
  • Worst Cities for Allergy Season

  • Veterans Affairs

    Plan to Eliminate the Compensation Claims Backlog
  • Farm Rich Recall

    Some items in your freezer could be tainted with E. coli.  Check your UPC numbers here.
  • Red Cross Month

    The month of March has been declared "Red Cross Month." Click the link above for more information on the work being done by the Red Cross right here in Eastern Iowa.
  • IOWA DMV Documents list for "Deferred Children"

    The Iowa State Department of Transportation has put together a list of document that the children of illegal immigrants must have in order to apply for a driver's license in the Hawkeye state. Click the link to find the list!

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